Hydrocarbon accounting and emissions reporting for the global energy industry.

Adept Solutions is a specialist software company. We develop and support hydrocarbon accounting systems for the oil and gas industry. Our product, Axis, is used by energy companies around the world for the business-critical activities of production allocation and reporting.

Track the source and ownership of every production and emission stream

Use Axis to allocate production and emissions to wells, fields and owners, and to maintain “one version of the truth” – a definitive record of oil and gas production that is fully audited and transparent.

Get your production data 100% correct every day

By validating data coming in, managing mismeasurements and rigorously controlling the allocation process, Axis ensures that data going out is correct every time.

Benefit from a solution of unrivalled flexibility

With a fully generic data model, configurable calculations and flexible screen designs, Axis meets the unique requirements of any asset, including production facilities, pipelines and terminals.

Make a digital transformation

Use Axis to transform your hydrocarbon accounting business process, maximising the efficiency of valuable resources.
Realise the benefit of validated and consistent production data fully integrated into the information systems landscape, hosted either in the cloud or on-premise.

Our solutions

All of our solutions are built on our primary product Axis Core.

Axis Production

Axis Production is a comprehensive solution for production data management. It includes functionality to capture and allocate production volumes to fields, wells and JV partners and is also used for well tests, samples, production planning and production losses.

Axis Tanker

Axis Tanker is used by operators of FPSOs and onshore storage facilities to support tanker scheduling and stock management for their facilities.  The solution is configured with the necessary relationships and data to represent the typical commercial arrangements that exist for oil storage and offtake operations.

Axis Gas

Axis Gas is used by operators of gas plants, pipelines and terminals to account for gas production and sales. It is a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of gas production accounting, including administration of nominations, allocation of delivered quantities and generation of billing data for both associated and non-associated gas.

Axis LNG

Axis LNG is a flexible solution that covers all aspects of Liquefied Natural Gas processing. It enables operators of LNG export and import facilities to allocate flows and inventories on a volume, mass and energy basis, and to administer cargo liftings according to industry standards.


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