Axis Gas

Axis Gas is used by operators of gas plants, pipelines and terminals to account for gas production and sales. It is a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of gas production accounting, including administration of nominations, allocation of delivered quantities and generation of billing data for both associated and non-associated gas. 

Axis stores data at component level and provides a comprehensive set of functions for managing gas compositions. 

A library of industry standard calculations is available, including the ISO6976 standard and the American Gas Association AGA8 calculations. 

The immediate nature of commercial gas management means that daily or hourly nominations are an important feature of many regimes. Axis Gas supports nomination entry and processing, using the Axis allocation engine to implement specific rules governing timeliness and entitlement limits. 

After gas deliveries have been allocated, Axis Gas can calculate billing quantities on a daily or monthly cycle. The calculations apply billing rules, rates and prices on a contract-by-contract basis. Billing data can then be automatically handed off to a finance system for invoice generation. 

Using Axis Gas, the complex gas accounting process can be managed highly efficiently. All elements of the process can be automated, including acquisition of flow measurement data from metering systems, calculation processes and data handoff.  

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