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The hydrocarbon accounting system keeps the definitive record of a company’s oil and gas production. The record must be fully transparent and auditable, so that the source and history of any item of data can be easily traced. At the same time it must be tightly controlled, so it cannot become corrupted. Procedures for verifying, processing and approving data must be enforced.

Imposing these controls can all too easily become an administrative burden, sucking up time and effort and causing inefficiencies and frustration. Delivering an effective hydrocarbon accounting system while avoiding these pitfalls requires a thorough understanding of business users’ needs and the ability to convert them into efficient functionality.

Axis Core has years of hydrocarbon accounting expertise built-in. It has been developed by hydrocarbon accounting specialists. It is constantly enhanced and optimised in response to customer feedback. And it has been successfully implemented time and again in different regions of the world and for different types of oil and gas operation.

Axis Core has years of hydrocarbon accounting expertise built-in.

Axis Core underpins all Axis solutions. It provides the generic functionality onto which are added one or more templates, that provide functionality specific to particular business areas.

Because Axis Core is a separate software component, it can be upgraded independently of the templates. That means customers get the enhanced features of a new version of the core, without affecting the template that has been configured to match their exact business requirements.

Core upgrades are included in the scope of our standard Axis support and maintenance service, at no additional cost.

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