We provide product support for Axis by telephone and e-mail as part of the scope of the maintenance agreements with our customers. The scope of our support extends to fixing defects, providing assistance on using Axis, and delivering requests for change.

We pride ourselves, and put a great deal of management focus, on delivering high-quality support service to our customers.

But before describing our support service, it is a fundamental tenet of our company’s strategy to minimise the reliance of our clients on our support service as much as we can. 

We achieve this by rock-solid design and engineering of the core product and ensuring a 100% match to customer requirements. As a result, we have the confidence to offer our clients unlimited support for a fixed price.

Our approach to providing support for Axis is fundamentally different to the service that you may be used to receiving from your other IT vendors.

We don’t hide behind anonymous call centres who triage your support requests, but often act as a barrier to getting to the expertise that you need. Instead, you get a straight through to trained staff with the right skills and experience to understand your issue and the power to provide a solution.

Our support engineers are the same people who have developed the product and been part of the project teams to implement Axis for our clients. This has always been the case at Adept Solutions, unlike other IT vendors where product development, project and support teams are often separate and in silos. As a result:

  • Our support team knows the product inside out;
  • Our support team has a deep understanding of your business rules and processes, and how you use Axis – vital for being able to provide you with a quality service.

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