5 September, 2023

Hydrocarbon Accounting for Tank Farms

Operators of tank farms for oil refineries and terminals require hydrocarbon accounting systems to manage data related to stocks and product movements. In particular, a system is required to maintain a definitive historical record of stock and move-ments data, and to prepare account statements and billing information.

The Axis tank farm management solution is based on the core Axis Hydrocarbon Accounting product, providing generic features, and a customisable Tank Farm template.

The key features of the solution include:

  • Configuration of tanks, meters, products, customers and other master data using the generic Axis object model.
  • An automated data load to acquire measurement data including tank levels and metered volumes. This function can be used to load data from a Tank Gauging System, if such a system is in place.
  • Conversion from tank level to volume of product in the tank, using either tank geometry or strapping tables, and including temperature correction.
  • Validation of data acquired automatically or entered into screens. Axis includes validation criteria which can be configured to identify invalid data caused by measurement errors or incorrect data entry.

Tank Farm Objects and Data

  • A full audit trail of all data in the system. The audit trail is used to track data changes, including corrections made to input data, as well as maintaining a record of validation errors and comments.
  • Approval of data sets which allows historical data to be finalised and locked. As with all Axis functions, permission for data approval is controlled by role-based security.
  • Screens for entry of sample data, used to record details of the physical properties of products.

Data Status: Approval of Data Sets

  • Screens for entry of dispatches of products by tanker.
  • A daily calculation process which reconciles production, stock and movement of products across the tank farm. The process is implemented with the Modular Calculations feature of Axis, which allows the calculations to be customised to meet specific requirements.

Extract of Daily Allocation Process Log

  • Highly flexible and feature-rich reporting using SQL Server Reporting Services, integrated into the Axis product.
  • Automation, including the Scheduler which runs processes at preset times, and the Notifications function which alerts users when intervention is required.

Notifications function

The key benefits of the solution include:

  • Axis maintains a definitive record of key hydrocarbon accounting data for the lifetime of the facility, which ensures a high level of confidence in data reported to internal management, partners and regulators.
  • The Axis product is totally flexible, in terms of the configuration of objects and data, the layout of screens and reports, and the details of calculation processes. This means the Tank Farm template can be readily customised to provide a 100% match to the requirements of a specific facility.
  • The solution is highly efficient, requiring the minimum of user interaction to enter, validate and finalise hydrocarbon accounting data.
  • Our comprehensive support service provides expert assistance for user and technical issues, which ensures that Axis systems continue to run smoothly for many years.

Axis can be delivered as an on-premise solution, or through a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Read more here.

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