Axis as a Service

At Adept, we understand that some organisations want to move away from traditional on-premise application deployments. For some customers it is more cost-efficient to operate business applications without having to buy, manage and support the underlying infrastructure.

To support this, Axis can be optionally be deployed as an “as a service” model. With this deployment, customers still benefit from a system that is tailored to their unique requirements. They still own their version of the Axis software and of course they still own their data. With Axis as a Service, we install the customer’s configured Axis software in the cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Our Axis as a Service offering includes the following :

  • Database hosting,
  • Application Hosting,
  • Report Server Hosting,
  • SQL Server database administration,
  • Windows Server administration,
  • A Backup service,
  • Upgrades and Patches,
  • Interface Support,
  • User Administration,
  • Guaranteed Service Levels,
  • Monthly service reports,
  • A Test System.

We recognise that security is a primary concern when business critical data is stored in the cloud. The requirement for security is a given in the cloud industry and Azure’s proactive approach to security, compliance and privacy is industry leading. Axis as a Service can offer two factor authentication, IP address restriction and security logging.

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We have created an Axis as a Service trial version of which will allow you to get hands on experience of the product. If you would like access to the Trial version then please click on the button below and fill in the request form.