Track the source and ownership of every production stream

Use Axis to allocate production to wells, fields and owners, and to maintain “one version of the truth” – a definitive record of oil and gas production that is fully audited and transparent.

Get your production data 100% correct every day

By validating data coming in, managing mismeasurements and rigorously controlling the allocation process, Axis ensures that data going out is correct every time.

Benefit from a solution of unrivalled flexibility

With a fully generic data model, configurable calculations and flexible screen designs, Axis meets the unique requirements of any asset, including production facilities, pipelines and terminals.

Make a digital transformation

Use Axis to transform your hydrocarbon accounting business process, maximising the efficiency of valuable resources.
Realise the benefit of validated and consistent production data fully integrated into the information systems landscape, hosted either in the cloud or on-premise.

Our solutions

Our primary product Axis is a flexible hydrocarbon accounting solution that provides the global energy industry with enhanced data integrity and operational insight. It is built upon the foundations of a core product that, above all else, is designed to ensure that we can always configure it to achieve a 100% match to your requirements.
In addition to Axis Core, our portfolio includes three specific Axis templates tailored to meet the business requirements for oil production allocation, oil storage and offtake, and commercial gas management.


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Axis Production Video

Axis Production is a smart, easy to use, and a very, very flexible production data management system. Have a look at the software in our...