5 September, 2023

Configuration of Axis Hydrocarbon Accounting Solution

Hydrocarbon accounting is a business-critical function, but one which presents a particular challenge, since each operator’s requirements are unique. There is no “one size fits all” solution for hydrocarbon accounting. For this reason, operators need a system that can be configured to their exact requirements. And for maximum flexibility, it needs to be fully configurable by end-users, or by an independent system integrator.

Axis is based on a technical design that enforces a true separation between Axis Core, which contains the generic functionality required by all hydrocarbon accounting applications, and Axis configurable templates, which implement functions specific to each business area.

Our portfolio includes specific Axis templates tailored to meet the business requirements for oil production allocation (Axis Production), oil storage and offtake (Axis Tanker), commercial gas management (Axis Gas) and liquefied natural gas processing (Axis LNG).

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