Meet the Adept Team – Charles James

July 5, 2023

What are you currently working on at Adept Solutions?

I am working on what we popularly refer to as “PX Project”. The goal of this project is to configure AXIS as the new, flexible and efficient Hydrocarbon Accounting System (HAS) replacement for St Fergus Gas Terminal.

Can you share a bit about your background and professional journey that led you to where you are today?

Background: I have a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and a master’s degree in systems engineering (Artificial Intelligence option) from the University of Lagos in Nigeria. In addition, I have a few certifications and preparing for more.

Professional journey: It started during my internship when I had my first project experience in the oil and gas industry: an offshore piping fabrication and installation project. After graduation, I got engaged in a Petroleum engineer graduate trainee role. As years passed by, I picked up interest in coding and finally switched to IT when I got my first IT-related role as an IT support staff which I did for years before transiting to my current role as Software Deployment Engineer, where I have been for a few years now and have been privileged to work on few software/system implementation projects as well as technical support for major oil and gas operators.

Are there any hobbies or personal interests that you’re passionate about outside of work?


  • Cooking, always learning and trying out new cuisines.
  • Teaching, sharing knowledge with others.
  • Travelling.
  1. What are some things you miss the most about Nigeria while living in Scotland?
  • Fresh Traditional Nigerian cuisines.
  1. Can you teach us a basic phrase or greeting in one of the Nigerian languages spoken in your region?

“Ututu oma” (“Good morning” in Igbo language)

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