Tullow Oil opts for AXIS Gas management system for their TEN 2017.

Adept and local content provider Persol have won a contract to deliver a gas management system for Tullow Oil using the Axis Gas product. AXIS GAS is based on the same core AXIS system that is currently used by Tullow to manage tanker offtakes, production reporting and financial hydrocarbon accounting for both Jubilee and TEN.

The team will  deliver a customised version of Axis Gas that carries out the following business functions:

• Create nominations for Jubilee and TEN gas to be supplied to GNPC at the FPSO export points;
• Load export meter readings and allocated gas production figures from PI;
• Load and validate allocated gas sales quantities provided by GNPC;
• Sub-allocate gas sales to blocks, fields and partners;
• Manage storage and substitution of gas between fields;
• Calculate billings based on allocated sales quantities, contract prices and take-or-pay arrangements;
• Generate reports for internal and external distribution;
• Provide dashboards and other data visualisations.