Our graduate Natalia summarises her experience at Adept Solutions.

Our graduate Natalia Kocheva has successfully completed 6 months of her placement and she summarises her recent experience at Adept Solutions.

“I joined Adept Solutions just after I completed my master’s degree in Oil and Gas Management, with the main responsibilities to provide finance and marketing support. Having heard about other graduate schemes, I wondered whether this one would live up to my expectations.

Unlike the majority of graduate or trainee programmes, the Adept Solutions programme is not just about learning and helping – but also about taking responsibilities, and making a real difference in the organisation. Since the very beginning I have been working closely with the Managing Director, Client Director, and Project Managers, taking on some of their responsibilities and duties. There is so much to learn from experienced professionals every day and I find the learning curve very steep. The Directors and the technical team have been so supportive and have always valued my opinion. It has not been just senior-to-junior knowledge transfer, which made me feel encouraged and more confident.

During my first few months at Adept, the key thing that I learnt was to develop good working practices. Adept Solutions is an ISO 9001 accredited company, which means that the company’s procedures are designed to ensure that we deliver our projects successfully, efficiently and on time, at a consistent level of quality and customer satisfaction. Being exposed to various aspects of the business, including finance, marketing, sales, and project management has also made my experience at Adept so positive, valuable and diverse. I joined Adept during an exciting period of growth. I find it very motivating to see how the company is expanding and achieving its goals.

I hope I will continue to widen my skill set and develop even further as an individual as I progress with my graduate job with Adept Solutions.”