Hydrocarbon accounting in hard hats, fire-retardant coveralls and safety shoes

When you think of hydrocarbon accounting, you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to have to put on a hard hat, fire-retardant coverall and safety shoes in order to do it. But that’s exactly what our project manager Karl Lebedis and software engineer George Paterson had to do recently as part of the project to deliver a hydrocarbon accounting solution, using Adept’s Axis product, to Al Dhafra Petroleum for their new Haliba field development in the United Arab Emirates.  

The field achieved first production back in May 2019. Work is still ongoing to complete surface facilities and drilling of new wells will begin in the near future. Karl and George visited the Haliba central gathering facilities (CGF), located near the border of the UAE and Oman, to carry out commissioning and site acceptance testing of the hydrocarbon accounting system.

Adept worked closely with its partner on the project, Yokogawa, to carry out the commissioning and testing with the client at the Haliba CGF. We successfully integrated Axis with the Yokogawa’s distributed control system and plant data historian. We demonstrated a fully automated daily hydrocarbon accounting workflow including data acquisition, validation and approval; production and commercial allocation; allocation of production losses to well and plant equipment trips; and generation and distribution of reports. Work is ongoing to complete the deployment of Axis for the client. Here is a photograph of the Adept and Yokogawa team who carried out the commissioning and testing at the Haliba CGF site.

Adept and Yokogawa team