Adept Solutions are hydrocarbon accounting specialists

We are a software company based in Aberdeen, UK, focused exclusively on hydrocarbon accounting. We have many years’ experience of the production business and a track record of delivering complex projects for international clients – quickly and successfully.

Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified and we have a dedicated support team committed to your long term service needs.

Adept Solutions are hydrocarbon accounting specialists.

Our Axis product solves complex hydrocarbon accounting problems

Accurate hydrocarbon accounting is essential for owners and operators of oil and gas facilities.

Axis keeps “one version of the truth” – a definitive record of production that is fully audited and transparent. It provides the reliable and consistent information needed by internal stakeholders, partners and regulators.

In today’s increasingly fragmented production environment, tracking ownership of produced hydrocarbons through shared infrastructure means complex allocation processes that are unique to each asset.

Axis is extremely flexible. It is configured to match each operator’s individual requirements, and it supports the most complex physical and commercial calculations.

The efficient Axis design enables rapid implementation

Time and again, Axis has been successfully implemented to meet unique and complex requirements. It is consistently delivered in timescales much shorter than the industry norm.

To achieve these outcomes requires a product that is robust, innovative, and above all highly flexible.

Axis is based on a technical design that enforces a true separation between Axis Core, which contains the generic functionality required by all hydrocarbon accounting applications, and Axis templates, which implement functions specific to each business area. The same core is used by every implementation of Axis, and uniquely, can be upgraded independently of the template. The functionality contained in the templates, based on many years’ experience of our customers’ requirements, is constantly improved and highly configurable. This design gives Axis unrivalled flexibility to meet a wide range of business requirements.

The effectiveness of the Axis design is proved by its record of successful implementations.

Our clients enjoy high quality solutions and a low cost of ownership

Accurate hydrocarbon accounting requires a relentless focus on quality. The issues which inevitably arise when collecting and processing a complex data set must be dealt with promptly, before they accumulate and cause bigger problems.

The hydrocarbon accounting system should help, not hinder this process. It must be robust, reliable, and easy to use, with functions carefully designed to optimise the speed and efficiency with which users carry out routine tasks and investigate and solve problems.

Axis users enjoy a system configured to match their business processes exactly. They experience outstanding reliability and performance. For the business as a whole, this means a low support burden and a cost of ownership that represents exceptional value.