El Merk project update

Over the past few months, Adept Solutions has been collaborating with Yokogawa Middle East and Africa on a major infrastructure upgrade project for existing client Groupement Berkine in Algeria. Yokogawa is prime contractor in a project to upgrade the integrated control and safety system (ICSS) at the client’s El Merk production facility in southern Algeria. Adept built and deployed the hydrocarbon accounting system for the El Merk field back in 2013, based on the Axis product. Adept has been providing product support to Groupement Berkine since then.

Part of the scope of the overall infrastructure project has been to upgrade the hydrocarbon accounting system to the latest version of the Axis product. The hydrocarbon accounting for the El Merk field is particularly complex. A critical success factor of the project identified by the client was to clearly demonstrate that the upgraded Axis continues to perform these calculations accurately in all operational conditions.

Adept has recently completed the factory acceptance test (FAT) for the upgrade of Axis. In that test we carried out an automate comparison of millions of calculations between the existing and upgraded systems, providing a high level of confidence in the allocation results. We now look forward to moving on to the deployment and commissioning phase of the project scheduled to take place in early autumn 2021.