Axis in the Digital Oilfield

Following on from this month’s announcement that we have successfully completed site acceptance testing of the implementation of our Axis hydrocarbon accounting solution for Al Dhafra Petroleum (ADP) – we can share more details on what made this implementation a little different.

ADP produce crude oil from the onshore Haliba field in Abu Dhabi, with output of approximately 40,000bpd. The progress of digitization technologies such as sensors, and control systems offered ADP the opportunity to automate as much as possible the oil production process and drastically reduce operating costs. ADP enacted an automated operations concept that requires far fewer personnel than more traditional production facilities, and the central processing facility will be entirely unmanned.

This automated concept extends to their metering and allocation systems. Adept solutions implemented a hydrocarbon accounting solution of ADP using our Axis product. The daily allocation workflow operates entirely without manual intervention. User input is required by notified exception only.

A complex multi-stage allocation process from acquiring metering and measurement data through to publishing of daily reports is now in full operation.