Al Dhafra Project Update

Adept Solutions has continued working on the project to deliver a hydrocarbon accounting solution, using Adept’s Axis product, to Al Dhafra Petroleum for their new Haliba field development in the United Arab Emirates. The project has moved to the commissioning and testing phase. The solution has been deployed at the Haliba field’s central gathering facility (CGF) in a remote desert location close to the border with Oman.

Adept has been working closely with it its partner Yokogawa to complete integration of Axis with an innovative full automation system for the field. The objective is to deliver an operating model for the field that is as automated as possible.

This includes features such as automated control of choke valve positions to meet overall field production target, and automated well testing. Adept has contributed to this objective by configuring Axis with an automated daily hydrocarbon accounting workflow, which will operate each day normally without any manual intervention required. The automated workflow includes acquiring input data from the plant data historian, production allocation, commercial allocation, attribution of production losses, and generation and distribution of production reports.

Currently, we are close to completing the system commissioning and preparation for the site acceptance testing with the client. We hope to complete the site acceptance testing soon.