Adapting to the “new normal”

Two months ago, as part of our project to deliver hydrocarbon accounting system to Al Dhafra Petroleum, Adept’s project manager and one of our software engineers visited the Haliba central gathering facilities (CGF), located near the border of the UAE and Oman. They put on a hard hat and fire-retardant coveralls and carried out the commissioning and the 1st stage of the site acceptance testing of the hydrocarbon accounting system with our partner Yokogawa.

With the current travel restrictions due to Covid-19, our team are unable to travel to the client’s site for the 2nd stage of the site acceptance testing. The base is in a remote location in the desert where there is no internet access and we cannot use video conferencing technology. Our project manager is carrying out the tests remotely using video recordings and instructing the team on site how to conduct the testing and compare the results. Well done to our team for successfully overcoming the current communication and travel barriers and adapting to the “new normal”.