Are you expanding your asset portfolio with new fields or facilities?


When an operator invests in a new facility it is essential that he sees a return on that investment as quickly as possible. The accuracy and timeliness of hydrocarbon accounting is essential in order to satisfy joint venture partners, allow operators to make the best commercial decisions, and to fulfil the requirements of the industry regulators. When you consider that even relatively minor errors and delays can ultimately add up to significant financial losses, with the potential for millions of dollars to be removed from your account sheet, its importance becomes all the more evident.

The Axis design methodology – agile customisation of a configurable core product – uniquely enables both an efficient and rapid implementation and a one hundred per cent match to your requirements. It provides the production data accuracy and assurance you need with a cost efficient, flexible solution configured exactly to your specification. Axis has been fundamentally designed to be readily configurable, which means that it is able to meet the unique requirements of many different oil and gas operations. In particular, the Axis data model can be configured to represent any number of different objects – including wells of different types, meters, separators, tanks, pipelines, customers and contracts – and to store their properties and any items of transactional data against them. Axis also provides a configurable method of defining and executing calculations using C# code and Excel spreadsheet templates, and a configurable method of defining reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Adept Solutions has many examples of successfully delivering hydrocarbon accounting solutions for clients with new facilities. These include for example an allocation system for one of the largest production facilities in North Africa, or a pipeline and terminal allocation system for one of the main operators in the Danish sector of the North Sea.