Is your current hydrocarbon accounting solution not fit for purpose?


In today’s environment of shared infrastructure and advanced production techniques, allocating product flows to fields and owners with the necessary level of accuracy can mean implementing highly complex calculations. Systems that were fit for purpose in the past are proving to be difficult to adapt to these changing conditions. Consequently the operational support burden required is becoming increasingly high.

Axis has a powerful calculation engine that is specifically designed for allocation processing and can manage large volumes of data and complex mathematical formulae. It comes with a built-in library of industry-standard calculations, including ISO and AGA methods for determining gas properties, COSTALD for liquid density and the Peng-Robinson equation of state for flash vessels. These methods can be used as needed to implement even the most complex allocation procedures.

Axis deploys the latest programming tools and database technologies, combined with a simple and highly effective data model, to deliver truly impressive allocation processing performance. This results in an efficient hydrocarbon accounting solution that allows routine tasks to be carried out quickly and easily with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Axis offers a straightforward upgrade path for legacy systems. All of our existing clients enjoy the benefits of high-quality solutions and low cost of ownership. We have helped clients deliver significant cost savings and improvements to their hydrocarbon accounting operation. And our methodology enables efficient and rapid implementation.

For example, we worked successfully with a major operator in West Africa to replace an existing hydrocarbon accounting solution for one of its FPSO assets that didn’t fully meet the business requirements.