Are you taking over operatorship of a new or existing asset?

Today’s oil and gas industry is in a state of flux. Ownership and operatorship of upstream assets are changing hands as operators make decisions about their portfolios in light of changing business circumstances. Some operators are looking to rationalise their portfolios, others seek to maintain or grow their reserves through targeted acquisitions.

If you are about to take over operatorship of an asset (e.g. through acquisition), assuming responsibility for hydrocarbon accounting is one of the main considerations of the transition. Transfer of those responsibilities is normally a “day one” activity.

The timescales to transition these responsibilities are driven by the commercial realities of a deal made between you and the third party, and are often very short. Embarking on a long project to set up the systems to support the hydrocarbon accounting process is often not an option. The obvious choices for you may be to take on the system(s) that the current operator uses or to migrate to system(s) that you already have in place. But cost and time constraints often dictate that neither of these options is ideal, or even tenable. What alternative options are available?

AXIS by Adept Solutions is ideally suited to help in such circumstances. No matter how complex the hydrocarbon accounting requirements may be, Axis can solve those problems for you. The highly flexible design of Axis along with our efficient approach means that we can deliver rapid project implementation of a high-quality solution, with a low cost of ownership.

Adept Solutions can bring real-world experience to support you when taking on operatorship. For example, we helped a client as they added to their asset portfolio in the UK Continental Shelf through the acquisition of an existing FPSO serving as a central hub for several small subsea developments. The new operator required a solution to support its tanker scheduling business for the new asset. Working to short timescales, Adept Solutions was able to deliver a solution to the client, which allowed them to seamlessly assume its responsibilities for tanker scheduling.